G Force

Today I'm talking about The G Force! That's right, the incredible force of Gratitude. One of the single, most valuable choices I ever made, was to make Gratitude a part of my daily ritual. Making it a daily habit builds up a kind of emotional muscle where your mind becomes attuned to looking for things... Continue Reading →

Love Letters.

I received an interesting letter this week from a dear friend I have not spoken with in months. She wrote to share her dreams, hopes and ambitions for me. It was beautifully touching and intensely thought provoking. It was a letter from my past self. The beginning of it all 7 months ago I attended... Continue Reading →

Give & Take.

Gifts given. I believe that what you put out into the Universe you genuinely get back. I recently had a new experience that opened up my eyes to the power of giving and the beauty of receiving in a totally different way. I was visiting my sister and we were chatting over a glass of... Continue Reading →

More than words…

What is in a word? So often we throw our words around without deep thinking of the impact behind them. We use them to fill up awkward silences, to judge ourselves to or unwind in a rant about our day. Our words can also deliver our passion, our love, our excitement. Words are boundless in... Continue Reading →

Judgement Journey

Judgement, the deadly hall of mirrors. A place where your greatest fears and insecurities are reflected back upon you, in the most devious, illusive way. Our judgements are quiet enough to exist incognito in our minds, hiding there. If we don’t shine a light on them, they can be persistent enough to leave a deadly... Continue Reading →

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