Standing in your spotlight.

Are you ready to stand in the spotlight of your own truth? To take ownership of your life? To empower your own change? Yes? Fantastic! Then you’re in the right place and it is time we go on a journey together. I was recently triggered to realise that I was carrying around some BS beliefs about... Continue Reading →

Breaking the cycle.

Success starts with the first step. I woke this morning with a new idea in my mind. It was time to break the cycle. Earlier this year I joined an online fitness programme which enabled me to workout from home. I actually began enjoying my new morning routine of sweating it out before my day... Continue Reading →

Judgement Journey

Judgement, the deadly hall of mirrors. A place where your greatest fears and insecurities are reflected back upon you, in the most devious, illusive way. Our judgements are quiet enough to exist incognito in our minds, hiding there. If we don’t shine a light on them, they can be persistent enough to leave a deadly... Continue Reading →

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