G Force

Today I'm talking about The G Force! That's right, the incredible force of Gratitude. One of the single, most valuable choices I ever made, was to make Gratitude a part of my daily ritual. Making it a daily habit builds up a kind of emotional muscle where your mind becomes attuned to looking for things... Continue Reading →

Download your Destiny.

Searching I always wondered whether I was on the right path in life. As my life began to expand to bigger and greater levels, this question is one that dominated my thoughts. Is there something greater I should be doing or achieving? I am on purpose in my life? What if I am not fulfilling... Continue Reading →

Breaking the cycle.

Success starts with the first step. I woke this morning with a new idea in my mind. It was time to break the cycle. Earlier this year I joined an online fitness programme which enabled me to workout from home. I actually began enjoying my new morning routine of sweating it out before my day... Continue Reading →

Let it go, Let it go!

Inspired by the ever empowering Oprah, I decided it was time to talk 'vibes!' Oprah - Speaking about energy Have you ever been around a person who is so negative in their talk or behaviour? It’s awful right! You feel drained and tired, like you are literally being pulled down into a black hole. On... Continue Reading →

Big Magic.

I recently reignited my love affair with Creativity. I have always had a passion for the arts but as a young girl with an aptitude in maths and business, I felt destined to take a more 'sensible' career path. I moved on to study Finance at University and said farewell to my days of performing.... Continue Reading →

Flying High

Fear My journey to flying high began with stepping into my Fear. It was my 29th birthday this month and I wanted to celebrate with an experience unlike any other. I was going to fly a plane. The thought of it sent waves of excitement rushing through my entire body, followed quickly by a state... Continue Reading →

Love Letters.

I received an interesting letter this week from a dear friend I have not spoken with in months. She wrote to share her dreams, hopes and ambitions for me. It was beautifully touching and intensely thought provoking. It was a letter from my past self. The beginning of it all 7 months ago I attended... Continue Reading →

Give & Take.

Gifts given. I believe that what you put out into the Universe you genuinely get back. I recently had a new experience that opened up my eyes to the power of giving and the beauty of receiving in a totally different way. I was visiting my sister and we were chatting over a glass of... Continue Reading →

More than words…

What is in a word? So often we throw our words around without deep thinking of the impact behind them. We use them to fill up awkward silences, to judge ourselves to or unwind in a rant about our day. Our words can also deliver our passion, our love, our excitement. Words are boundless in... Continue Reading →

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