Don’t ‘should’ all over yourself!

Confused, frustrated and searching for something more, I found myself sitting at a Café bar writing down a stream of thoughts that were seeking to be understood. I was haunted by this burdening question; “Why am I not where I should be yet?" Should! That precious “S” word that serves no point or person. I understand... Continue Reading →

Confessions of the soul.

Opening up about your true feelings towards those dearest to you can be daunting, but a practice I have learned creates incredible freedom and trust. Read how you can do the same in your life and begin to create more open, meaningful relationships.

Festival Feelings.

How can two people face the same experience yet experience it so dramatically different? Today I uncover how the beliefs we hold shape our reality and what we can do to change them.

Win the Game of Life.

Want to know how to win the game of life? With these 3 easy steps you’ll be empowered to take back control of your life and guarantee more happiness, success and fulfillment every day.

Stop Future Tripping.

“If not now, when?” Do you ever catch yourself living your life in a different time zone? Lost in a replay of past events or obsessing about what the future holds? You’re not alone! Want to know what I do to instantly become more present?! Read here xx

Standing in your spotlight.

Are you ready to stand in the spotlight of your own truth? To take ownership of your life? To empower your own change? Yes? Fantastic! Then you’re in the right place and it is time we go on a journey together. I was recently triggered to realise that I was carrying around some BS beliefs about... Continue Reading →

Unleashing the Woman within.

As a woman growing up in Catholic Ireland, the prospect of expressing my female sexuality in any form was greatly disapproved of, if not overtly, then certainly subconsciously. There was an unspoken part of me that feared being perceived as overly 'anything' with regards my female self. My old bull$h*t beliefs were compounded when I... Continue Reading →

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