Confessions of the soul.

I have an amazing friend with whom I share almost everything. I cherish my friendship with her and unquestionably have her back.

She recently gifted me a great learning lesson, which honestly caught me by surprise.

Over dinner, she shared with me all of the incredible progress she was making towards her career goal – she was a total success rocket and I was so proud for her!

However, something strange also began to happen within me. I became jealous. Her success began shining a light on the fact that I was not yet where I wanted to be in the accomplishment of my goals. These jealous feelings were uncomfortable and very contradicting. I knew supported my friend and was so happy to celebrate her, yet I was feeling insecure in her light.

I took a deep breath and shared.

“You know I support you endlessly, but your success is creating this negative feeling within me. I know this is my issue to deal with and nothing to do with you, or our friendship, but I want to share this so I can be free to celebrate you without this fear.”

“Jealousy – a sentiment born in love and produced in fear…”

To be fair, I am very blessed that she is who she is. Others may have reacted badly to hearing this but I trusted her enough to have this conversation without fear of repercussion. Then she shared with me this beautiful insight.

“Jealousy is simply a recognition of a desire that is meant for you.”

Wow. What an incredible lesson to learn.

I wasn’t jealous of my friend’s success, I was recognising where I wanted to be in the achievement of my own goals. This was the perfect wake up call to remind me of what I desired most and to begin taking massive action in that direction now.

Any time you see something in another person that you are jealous of, realise that it is actually a message from your soul of a desire you have yet to realise. Instead of choosing to tear them down or justify away their success, realise that what you are witnessing is a message of a desire meant for you.

Be grateful for the lesson. If viewed with open eyes, it will empower you and provoke your own growth.

Love always

L xxx

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