Happy Fri-yay!!

As we roll into the weekend, it is important we let go of any stresses or mishaps that came our way during the week. We want to be free to fully enjoy these few days to ourselves and not be replaying old events that are doing us no good.

The way I do this is through a process of deep Gratitude, and you’ll be happy to know that it is super easy to do. So let’s give it a go!

Sometime during your Friday, preferably after work, take some time to yourself to close your eyes and think of three things that happened this week that you are truly grateful for.

Don’t just think it, feel it.

Feel the emotions of love, happiness, pride and so forth that you created during these moments.

As you pass from one moment of gratitude to the next, you are super charging your yourself with positivity and remembering how good it feels to feel good. You are also allowing yourself to enter the weekend as a magnet for more moments like these because you have primed your mind to seek them out.

If you really want to turbo charge your life make this a daily process. I choose to do this at night before I drift off to sleep but find a rhythm that works best for you.

Happy Fri-yay! 🌟

Love always

L xx

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