Win the Game of Life.

The quality of your life is the quality of your emotions. Think about that for a second longer. How you feel every day determines your life entire life experience. It is not the external factors of our life, the possessions or events that will determine whether we live a fulfilled or successful life, it is the emotions we create within us and live with daily.

The exciting lesson is, you have full control over the type and quality of life you wish to live. If, you decide to take control

So, that said, let’s get to the the important part. How do we do this quickly and consistently? The answer lies in the power of 3.

1) Physiology – change your body, change your mood.

Let’s try this on for size. If I asked you to act depressed now, what would you do. Go on, give it a try! Now try acting victorious, like you just won something incredible. Without ever meeting you, I’m sure I can take a pretty accurate guess at what you did for both!

Depressed – hunched shoulders, head down, quiet voice. Victorious – shoulders back, head high, maybe you even threw your arms up in the air!

Was I close?

The reason I mention this is because our emotions are directly impacted by how we move our body. The lesson? Whether you feel like it or not, stand tall, stand proud, and pretty soon you will begin to feel it.

2) Focus – Where focus goes, energy flows.

Anytime I begin to feel ‘down’ or anxious it will be because I’m focusing on some negative crap. Let’s try this one too.

If I asked you to focus on three things in your life that you were truly grateful for right now, what would that be? It could be something big in your life like an upcoming holiday with loved ones, or as simple as seeing the sunrise this morning.

Write it down or say it aloud. Don’t just skip over this part, really do it. If you’re someone who doesn’t think they can find 3, just make it up 😉

Do you feel better? Even just a little? That’s the power of focus.

Next time you feel like you’re slipping into the negative zone, ask yourself what you are currently focusing on and begin reaching for a higher thought.

3) Language – oh, how we throw our words around so easily.

The words we use have a real physiological impact on our body. I was lucky enough to be at an event with the great energy healer, Master Co, who had us experience the direct impact on our body by simply saying the words ‘hate’ into one hand and ‘love’ into the other.

Begin to watch out for what words or phrases you are commonly using. For example, are you someone who says “Oh, I don’t know” before answering every question? It may be why you feel a bit disempowered. Something to consider.

I hope you find this valuable and begin trying out these different tools to empower you to shift your mood in a moment. I would love to hear your thoughts so please share the love below ❤️

Love always,

L xx

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