Standing in your spotlight.

Are you ready to stand in the spotlight of your own truth? To take ownership of your life? To empower your own change?

Yes? Fantastic! Then you’re in the right place and it is time we go on a journey together.

I was recently triggered to realise that I was carrying around some BS beliefs about myself that were totally holding me back from living the life I desired. Beliefs created from old experiences, which had become my reality. Why was I so married to them, I thought, even when they so clearly weren’t serving me? And who would I be without this ‘story’ I created justifying my current state of life.

Stepping into the spotlight of your own life can be seriously daunting but I promise you it is entirely liberating. So stick with me!

I had an impressive list of old stories that I carried around to explain why I was not living the life I desired. Oh, I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, from the right family, have the right connections, blah, blah, blah etc etc into the bottomless black hole. Such fun!

But what if all these stories were false? Where would that leave me? What if the only thing that was stopping me from living that golden life, was me? Ooh, that’s a scary thought. No more blame game. No external reasons to turn to to justify my life conditions.

But, the exciting thing is, if I am my main obstacle, then I can also be my own liberator! That is self empowerment right there!!

My process went like this.

1. Firstly, identify the area that I want to improve/change. Eg. Career

2. Write down where I am now.  This is the most important first step. Google can’t help us get to Hollywood if it doesn’t know where we are starting from.

I also include what I am grateful for in my current situation, even if feels like I am a million miles away from my goal, it is important to identify what you can appreciate in the now.

3. Where do I want to be? Get specific here.

Any changes made without a clear focus on where you want to go will just bring more of the same.

4. WHY? What is the primary reason that I want this?

You should be able to convey this in one sentence. Your why is key because it will pull you through the challenging times (which inevitably come) on your journey to achieve it.

5. List all the actions you could take to begin moving towards your goal NOW! Don’t wait one more second, I mean it, sign up for that course, make that call, schedule it in, whatever you do, do it now and get your momentum charged and moving.

I’ll leave you with this final thought.

Your past does NOT equal your future. You are your biggest hurdle, so get out of your own way, and start moving in the direction of your desires.

Comment below and let me know what one area in your life you are committed to making big change in.

Love always,

L xx

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