Breaking the cycle.

Success starts with the first step.

I woke this morning with a new idea in my mind. It was time to break the cycle.

Earlier this year I joined an online fitness programme which enabled me to workout from home. I actually began enjoying my new morning routine of sweating it out before my day began. Not only was I feeling stronger and fitter, I felt that I was better prepared to take on the challenges of the day. If I can beat that round of burpees then there is nothing that can stop me!

Then something happened.

Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat and expect it to work.

My family came to visit for a couple of days, followed by a period of continuous travel with work and before I even knew it, my whole routine was completely disrupted.  I began telling myself I would get back to it tomorrow, and tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that. The longer I left it the more it felt like this ginormous hurdle to tackle. I didn’t even want to take the first step. I realised I had been cheating on myself and deluding myself that it was okay.

“Just for a while, be open to the possibility that there is nothing wrong with you.” – Cheri Huber

Then something changed. I was reading a wonderful, self loving book called ‘Self-care for the real world’ by Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips. One point really stood out. What if we chose to see exercise as an act of self-love, a gift to the beautiful body we live in. See it as a blessing that we are able to move and work our bodies. How does this feel in comparison with viewing exercise as a chore, something you have to do in order to fix something with yourself. Big difference right!

This created a subtle but impactful shift within me and empowered me to show my body some love this morning! It started with that first step back onto the mat, and soon I wondered what I had been avoiding all this time! The love was rekindled and I had broken the cycle.

I hope this inspires you to find your moment today to express some self love and self care to your wonderful body. After all, it does so much for us  ♥

Love always,

L xx

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