Let it go, Let it go!

Inspired by the ever empowering Oprah, I decided it was time to talk ‘vibes!’

Oprah – Speaking about energy

Have you ever been around a person who is so negative in their talk or behaviour? It’s awful right! You feel drained and tired, like you are literally being pulled down into a black hole.

On the contrary, think back to the last time you were with someone who turned up really positive. Oh the difference! We feel uplifted and brighter, and unsurprisingly, we actually want to spend time them!

Who can relate with me here?!

Thing is, if we could be around people and be totally unaffected by their energy, it would all be fine. But that’s just not the case. The reality is that when you’re around people in a low vibe or negative energy state, and you pick up on that, that’s what you begin to attract. Your mood, relationships and all aspects of your life are impacted.

So what can you do?

If bad vibes is the person’s home address, then you have to make some serious choices and reconsider who you are spending your precious time with.

Professionally, this can be tricky if these bad vibing people are on your team. But maybe you can schedule your day to begin minimising face to face interactions with them, opting for email communication instead, or choose to sit in a different part of the office. Small changes can really have a positive impact here.

Personally, it can be both easier and more difficult. Easier because you have more control over who you spend your time with. More difficult because you might think you will hurt their feelings. My advice, be smart with this. You know your situation best and how to handle it. You don’t need to go around telling a bunch of your friends you’re ‘breaking up’ with them because they’re energy suckers! Although feel free, your choice!

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life” – Aristotle

If you are genuinely concerned about hurting other peoples feelings, think of it this way. You are doing far more damage to yourself than you will ever do to others by choosing to distance yourself. We are talking about the quality of your life here, so this is really no joking matter. If tough decisions need to be made, then so be it.

It may sound harsh, but if I am feeling shitty because of your negative dumping, then it’s time we both move on.

It’s over, but just for now

For those people you don’t want to completely remove from your life, but whose address is still in negative-ville, you may be surprised what a blessing distance can bring. I have found it to create space to allow the lightness to return back to the relationship which means you can be around each other again with more happy vibes flowing.

Caveat: Please don’t take this as an excuse to hoard the broken relationships that need to be put away!

Love always

L xx

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