Big Magic.

I recently reignited my love affair with Creativity.

I have always had a passion for the arts but as a young girl with an aptitude in maths and business, I felt destined to take a more ‘sensible’ career path. I moved on to study Finance at University and said farewell to my days of performing.

Some years later, I felt the desire build within me to rekindle my love. I enrolled in an acting course and embraced the uncertainty that followed. As before, I loved the thrill of performing, but there was something very different now.

“Never delude yourself into believing that you require someone else’s blessing, or even comprehension, in order to make your own creative work.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Surrounded by actors from drama schools, I felt an unknown insecurity creep inside me. I felt like an impostor there without my piece of paper validating me. I juggled with the inner conflict of wanting to pursue my passion in acting, while at the same time succeeding within the business world.

“There is a profound sense of honor to be found in looking after yourself, and that honor will resonate powerfully in your work; it will make your work stronger.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Despite these feelings I continued on, one step at a time. My path was a winding one with many adventures entwining their way through.  One such adventure led me to LA on a business trip. It was a true blessing.

Luckily, I met a fellow actor there with whom I shared my inner conflicts. She was refreshingly honest and supportive. She opened my eyes to the bullshit story I had been allowing myself believe in. The game of “I’m not good enough because…”. (I’m sure we have all played it at sometime). When I owned my story, I stepped into my true power. I realised my path of twists and turns had all been perfectly paved for me

She suggested I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Gilbert’s story enabled me to open myself up to my many forms of creative expression, including and beyond acting. I realised that the creative path is filled with the type of potholes I had been experiencing. Mine was not an original problem. Through her lessons, I began enjoying the creative path once again, with a new, enlightened sense of joy.

“Create whatever you want to create – and let it be stupendously imperfect because it is exceedingly likely that no one will even notice. And that’s awesome.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

We are not born to be one dimensional beings, so why would we ever choose to narrowly define ourselves? I want to try on as many hats as I can, and see which fit best.

I hope you see the value in embracing all creative forms of yourself. None of us are A or B unless we decide to be. Each of our paths are unique and valuable and can be used to bring a new flavour to whatever creative endeavors we undertake. Please never limit yourself from pursuing your dreams because you have not received some external validation or approval telling you, you can. Tell yourself “I can, and I will” and then get on working at it.

Here’s to your Big Magic journey,

Love always

L xx

4 thoughts on “Big Magic.

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  1. Put a smile on my face and reassured me. The way you articulate your sentences is beautiful. I feel the lightness, positiveness and sweetness in your writing. It’s uplifting. I want more 🙂


  2. I want to try as many hats as I can too…to fit all the multidimensional parts of me…!
    Creativity switched on means that I’m alive and well!
    Love to read blogs of people like you that are evolving and are growing! It makes me want to do more…!
    Well done on honouring and sharing the gift of creativity in this blog!


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