Flying High


My journey to flying high began with stepping into my Fear.

It was my 29th birthday this month and I wanted to celebrate with an experience unlike any other. I was going to fly a plane. The thought of it sent waves of excitement rushing through my entire body, followed quickly by a state of complete panic. What had I got myself into?!

“On the other side of your maximum fear, are all the best things in life” – Will Smith

The day arrived. It was a scorching hot summers afternoon with skies glistening blue. I suited up and met with my co-pilot. A short safety briefing later and I take my first step onto the tarmac. My heart begins to race. “Breath”, I tell myself.

The propeller is started. We take off. I am flying in a vintage 1930’s Tiger Moth plane. It was an unexpected but exciting sensation to feel the rush of air on my face. A new sense of awareness overcame me. Flying higher and higher through the open skies, with views as far as my green eyes could see. The London country side glittered majestically that day.

Leap of faith

We reach steady level and I hear my co-pilot say ‘Laura, you have control’. I have control?!

I am flying.

I gently move the stick left and right and feel the plane wave through the open skies. It is exhilarating. My heart continues to race.

Every time my co-pilot says ”Laura, you have control’ A surge of fear rushes through me as my instincts yell, “No!” in a state of panic. And every time I reply with a smile, “Yes”, and yes, and yes again. Until the time came when I no longer needed to force myself to a yes. My once forced smile was now beaming full of joy and excitement. I had reached new heights, literally and personally.

“Your largest fear carries your greatest growth” – Unknown

We all know the saying “feel the fear and do it anyway”, but how often do we live by that? On this day, my birthday, I chose to feel that fear, feel all of it’s glory surging through my body, and do it anyway. The rewards were breathtaking.

Love always,

L xx

6 thoughts on “Flying High

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  1. Happy Birthday, Laura, and many more! You know what comes after your twenty-ninth birthday?!? … your twenty-tenth, twenty-eleventh, etc.
    … never grow “old,” staying young in heart and body and spirit forever!


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