Give & Take.

Gifts given.

I believe that what you put out into the Universe you genuinely get back. I recently had a new experience that opened up my eyes to the power of giving and the beauty of receiving in a totally different way.

I was visiting my sister and we were chatting over a glass of wine. My sister, whom has always been the writer in the family, had uncovered her passion for writing poetry. Surprisingly though, she had decided she wasn’t really a poet and that it was best she just put this aside until her boys were more grown up and maybe she could focus on it then.

Just start now, I encouraged. Call yourself a poet and guess what, you’re a poet! Social media has enabled people to pursue all types of paths without the need for a degree or certificate to ‘validate’ them. Simply say ‘I am…’ and you are!

She thought about it but didn’t conclude anything that evening. Some days later, my sister shares with me her new Instagram page @daysloves. She is officially a poet! How? Because she is now writing poetry! It really is that simple. Her poetry evokes beauty and passion and has connected with so many people. On top of that, she is alive with excitement sharing her gift with the world.

What I wasn’t expecting was for that lesson to have taught me as much as it taught my sister.

“The greatest gift is found in the heart of true friends” – unknown

Gifts received.

I was out with a friend discussing our life journeys and all the lessons we had both learned. I believe that life is a series of Universal lessons that each of us learn in our own unique way, through our own flavour of experience. Yet each of us seem to learn these lessons from scratch, rarely pulling from the wisdom of those who have been through these lessons already. And so the idea for my blog was born.

Those little demons in my mind would usually have perked up here telling me all the reasons why I can’t write a blog, but then I remembered my own advice. If I call myself a writer and start writing…then guess what, I am a writer! No external badge of approval needed. I am here to share and empower others, not win a literary prize. And so ‘Life Lessons by Laura’ was born.

Two lessons to take away.

Firstly, the advice we offer others is sometimes the very advice we need to receive ourselves. So gracefully give and receive that gift.

Secondly, you don’t need any external approval for you to decide to be whatever you desire. You must just decide it and then begin working towards that with enthusiasm and positive intent. So go for it!

Have you ever had a similar experience? Please share with me below!

Love always,

L xx

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